IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: Metro Provider is Now USFamily.Net

As of 12/16/2009, Metro Provider has joined forces with USFamily.Net to provide you with more reliable, higher quality service and new features. This e-mail should give you more information about your account during any transition that may occur.

Who is USFamily.Net?

  • Local, privately owned Minnesota Company since 1997.
  • Providing Internet Services as USFamily.Net.
  • Providing Voice and Data Services as Velocity Telephone since 2000.
  • Dedicated to providing the highest quality services at the best possible price and performance.

What may change?
  • Your services will become more reliable, as we will now have redundant Internet backbones using multiple upstream providers.
  • We will be providing your service using multiple facilities and a larger support and customer service staff.
  • Your customer service and support team will be 100% local, headquartered in our offices in Golden Valley, MN.
  • You will have the opportunity to upgrade to the best service offerings around, like our phone and High Speed Internet bundles.
  • You will join the tens of thousands of other USFamily.Net and Velocity Telephone customers who have been enjoying our services, prices and support over the past 12 years.
  • Your billing statement will look different, as it will be generated through our unified system. The pricing, statement method, payment method and subscription type for your account will NOT change.
  • We will provide you with detailed instructions if anything has to change on your end.

What won't change?
  • Your pricing. We will incorporate your existing Metro Provider pricing into our systems.
  • Your e-mail address, usernames, passwords will stay the same, but a more advanced SPAM filtering system will help screen your email and give you access to a bulk mail folder for review.

What services are available?
  • Internet services (dial-up, accelerated dial-up, DSL)
  • Telephone services (residential and business, including VoIP and Hosted PBX solutions)
  • Bundled Phone and Internet Services
  • Web Hosting
  • E-mail Hosting
  • Business class services (T-1, VoIP, Ethernet, Wireless, Colocation)

Useful Links:
USFamily.Net Home Page:
Access to new webmail:
MetroProvider's old webmail is no longer accessible. If you have questions or need help please contact support.
7am - 8pm Monday - Friday
10am - 6pm Saturday