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Education International Percussion Instruments


Old Town School of Folk Music
Located on Chicago's north side this school has a storied history. True legends have come out of it's halls. Today the school continues to provide excellent teachers and facilities for aspiring musicians. Michael Taylor and Yaya Kabo teach Djembe and Idy Ciss teaches West African dance. If you are in the Chicago area visit the world music store, "Different Strummer" on the campus. Or, stay for one of their concerts.

Village Music Circle
A great place to start. The world reknown educator, Arthur Hull, presents his work as a percussionist and teacher here.

Michael Markus
Michael Markus is one of the best and most knowledgeable people in the field of West African drumming and dance. His group "Magbana" presents the djembe in true authenticity. This is a must for dedicated percussionists.

Drums Not Guns
Support this group and help build the future of percussion.

Multi-cultural Resource Center
This a wonderful place and the site is visually inviting. All of the materials here are available for reseach and class display.

Moorhead State University
Moorhead State University is my alma mater. The professors are knowledgeable and dedicated to turning out quality and qualified professionals. The music department has a very good hands on class about World Music.

This is the premier site for percussive education. PAS has elevated the percussive arts to a high level of respectability.

Tri-College Percussion Ensemble.
This is a wonderful group, directed by Dr. David Eyler, in Moorhead, MN. The ensemble performs a variety of ethnic percussive works. TAIKO SHUDAN, based at Moorhead State University, was an arm of this group. The Marimba Choir is made up of some of these talented students, also.

World Rhythm Training
The people here are heralding the call of drums and world music. Matthew Montfort, who runs the organization, is very intuitive about ancient traditions and future possibilities. Give a visit and see.



African Music Encyclopedia
A great resource for study and research on African culture.

Osaka YMCA International College-Japan.
I taught here for many years. This is a wonderful College and High School. The staff and teachers are dedicated to developing globally minded students.

Nihon Sumo Kyokai
The official site of Japanese sumo. It has all you ever want to know, and probably more, about this ancient and ever increasingly popular sport. Sumo matches are a great place to hear "Shime Taiko". I'm a big fan.

Indigenous Peoples Search Site
This organization has put together a search engine to aid in research and understanding of the worlds peoples.

Culture of Korea
Presenting the musical heritage of, Chosen, (Korea). Little known outside of the pennisula, the enthralling rhythms, beautiful costumes, and sweet melodies will undoubtedly make you want to witness it for yourself.

U.S Japan Links
Sister cities links, programs, jobs, and other information of interest to the international citizen can be found here.



Holy Goat Percussion
Importing fine Djembe, Doun douns, and Bells from West Africa this company, run by Michael Taylor, is the best in the area. They do repair work that is often better than the original. Taylor, (the head goat) also teaches here and conducts workshops at schools and organizations. Check for the performing activities of the percussion group, "DAHUI". For a review of one of their performances see the PercoLetter Review.

Chicago Djembe Project
Conducting workshops in Chicago, Il. they bring in African Djembefola, like Famoudou Konate for classes. Run in Hyde Park, by Jim Banks, it is a great place to hone ones skills in African drumming and community drumming. Lillian Friedberg, a dedicated djembe performer, instructs the projects workshops and programs.

Djembe-L FAQ
For hand drummers and other percussionists this is the site to have as your main point of reference. It has lots of tips and includes lists, music, books and schedules.

Encyclopedia of Percussion
A good place to find out about instruments which you are wondering about or, need some background on. Some entries are not complete but this is a good point of departure.

Chuck Silverman
Chuck is a fantastic drummer, percussionist, educator, and friend (also a humorous fellow). His site is wonderful for study and reference. Chuck regularily goes to Cuba for research.

Percussion and Drumming
Planet Earth Music lists a wide variety of international percussion instrumental recordings for order here.

The Drums and Percussion page
This site has a warning that it hasn't been updated for a while but everytime I go to it I find lots of interesting information. I recommend it for the midi files, the articles, the companies, and the links to musicians.

Owen Clark Productions
Canadian musician Owen Clark has a great show. Visit his site and ask when he will be in your area.

Drummers and Drums
Obviously with a name like that this site beacons to all percussionists. There is some good info here.

The Bodhran Page
One of my favorite instruments, this was given a world stage in the film, TITANIC. Also, check here for how to pronounce it correctly.



Rhythm Web
Great site! Great scope. Topics in many areas are presented. It will be growing so check here regularly and add if you have material to contribute.

House Of Musical Traditions Inc.
What a great place and a great concept for the authentically minded. I can't say enough about this place. The people are friendly and knowledgable about their instruments. With their 25 years of experience, you can trust their products.

John's Music Co.
Well known for it's great service this site probably has what you've been looking for but couldn't find elsewhere.

Lark In The Morning
Most ethnic musical instrumentalists know of this instrument outlet. They have an exhaustive list of international instruments for sale. You can visit their site to see and HEAR some of the instruments.

The Ethnic Musical Instruments Co.
Definitely a good site to visit if only to see instruments which you've only read about.

Music World
Here is a wonderful resource site for music teachers, kids, and people interested music information and material who don't have access to commercial sources.

Rudolfi Artists has a site presenting "World Beat" bands, that is, a group of three or more musicians playing thematic mood music of their country. (Why don't more radio stations play World Beat?)

The Ethnic and Multi-Cultural Music Page
A good site to find information on topics not readily available.

Ancient Future.
This is the World music supersite of the pioneering world fusion music ensemble Ancient Future.

African Music and Dance
This site, by C.K. Ladzekpo, is wonderful with images and detailed information.

Didgeridoos:Sounds of the Aborigine
The wonderful natural sounds of the Aboriginal peoples of Australia are presented. Sound bytes are included.

John Thomas
John is a long time friend. He teaches at Berklee College of Music now. A master of the guitar, his recordings take the world of music to new heights.

Yothu Yindi
This wonderful Aboriginal group has a dynamic web site featuring their band, their music, and their culture. Check out the tour schedule and make every attempt to see them live!

Village Pulse Outpost
A great site with pulsating rhythm sound files and descriptive photos of African skin drums and drummers.

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